Climbing School

The Costa Blanca is a real all-season climbing paradise. Even in the depths of European winter here are best conditions for your climbing and outdoor holidays. Within a radius of a few kilometres, you are spoilt for choice between more than 3,500 climbing routes. Enough crags for umpteen rock climbing holidays here at the Costa Blanca!

Climbing school: Absolute Beginner

At our climbing school we will offer different courses. For absolute beginners, there will be taster days and basic courses where you can try the first meters in the vertical with professional guidance and in a completely relaxed atmosphere.

Climbing school: Indoor goes Outdoor

For the slightly more advanced climber, who has already made ​​first top-rope experiences in the climbing gym, we will offer climbing courses to ensure to take the step from indoor to outdoor climbing.

Climbing school: Special Courses

And of course we will offer special courses where you can learn and practice proper falling techniques or how to place removable protection. Or you are traveling alone and need a belay partner.climbing school costa blanca